Team Jemini Designs is about being different, standing out, and having fun! These are all a part of the Gemini personality and I am a true Gemini! I love things to be bright, fun, and lively. I also love graphic images and bold designs. I'm influenced by the best things in life - music, movies, and sarcasm! I've been designing shirts since 2016 and it's been an AWESOME journey!   

I design tees for people who have something to say but aren't always the loudest voice in the room...unless they want to be. They are the antisocial extroverts of the world!




When I create I try to make my items as unique as possible. I want you to feel like you're making a statement with these. Whether they are meant to make you laugh or make you think, there is a purpose behind every tee and gift. When it comes to apparel, fit, feel and quality materials play a huge part.  My materials and fabrics are thoughtfully sourced to ensure that we will all be happy with the finished products. I also try to carry extended sizes in my designs because if I can't wear it there's no point in making it.  



I use a particular cut of unisex tees that I like to call slightly fitted.  This means they have some shape but they aren't going to be extremely fitted or extremely loose.  I specifically chose this cut because even though we are all shaped differently we still want to look good. 

I hope you see some things you like here and check back often for updates. If you've bought from me before, thank you for your continued support. If you have a moment, please leave some feedback!